The Miracle of Life

Sometimes I think we take our life for granted. I know that when I was younger, I had this notion that I was invincible, that I could continue to make unhealthy choices and there would be no consequences. I was on a path that could have led to disaster but I was stopped in my tracks. Several challenges presented themselves that forced me to change my path. And I am thankful that I did. We are all presented with opportunities for change. We get nudges that it is time for a different job, a different relationship, a different city, a different life. What gets in the way of taking that step towards a happier life? Usually it is a set of limiting beliefs that were created from a story that no longer holds true in our lives. We get caught up in thinking that change is too difficult and so we continue to tolerate that which no longer serves us. There comes a time in our life when we have a defining moment. Something triggers us and we realize that change is inevitable. We can lean into the change or we can go kicking and screaming but we will go. And isn’t that just the miracle of life? It surprises us when we least expect it. Next time you get that nudge, close your eyes and breathe into it. Allow yourself to feel it, smell it, taste it and then start. Take the step that will begin the journey to a happier life. Don’t hesitate another minute. It’s time.

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