It’s Time for a Change

Can you feel it, smell it, hear it? The seasons are beginning to change. The natural flow of the life cycle is in full force. Leaves are changing colors, animals are preparing for hibernation and we are putting away the summer clothes and pulling out the fall and winter layers. Soon it will be time for us to do some purging, cleansing and introspection into our own life and the journey that is waiting. Start close in. Begin by asking yourself, “Am I in alignment with my purpose? Do I wake up everyday excited about the possibilities of the day? Am I making a difference in someone else’s life? What gifts do I have that need to be shared toward the greater good?” These are questions that can help guide you on your life path. At times we have an idea of what we should be doing but we hesitate and talk ourselves out of taking the next step. Our inner critic interrupts us and gets in the way. Tap into your inner coach and pay attention to what you already know to be true. Your story is exactly that, your story. Don’t let your story define you. Instead use your story to move forward into the next chapter of your life. It is time to take those next steps, one step at a time. What do you think is that one thing that you have been hesitating to explore? Open the question. Ask yourself. Write it down. Say it out loud. Once you speak it, the universe will begin to conspire to help you achieve that which you are imagining. See it. Believe it. Let’s go. Start close in.

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