Start Close In

As we draw closer to the last quarter of the year, it is time to begin an inventory of how we are doing in 2015. We all have dreams and goals. The question becomes one of focus and diligence. What was the number one thing that you said you wanted to work on January 1, 2015? Do you remember? Did it stay in the forefront or fall by the wayside? The year isn’t over yet. Today is the day to begin and choose one thing that you will start to focus on that will turn your dream into reality. You will have approximately three months starting on October 1st. If you did one thing everyday that would be a little over 90 things that could impact your life. If you are unclear about where to start, spend some time looking at the parts of yourself that you don’t normally think of as a gift. What is your hidden talent? What are the parts of the self that haven’t talked to one another in years? As David Whyte stated so eloquently, “What is stopping you from coming to the pivot of your life? What is the part of yourself that you don’t draw on because you see it as a weakness?” We all have “to do” lists. The “to do” was put together yesterday. What do you need to focus on today that will start the necessary movement in your life?

“Start close in. Don’t take the second step or the third. Take the step you don’t want to take. Start close in.” David Whyte. Namaste.

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