My Conversation with the Ocean

Recently, I was given the gift of being able to spend some time relaxing and rejuvenating in Palm Springs, FL. It is an absolutely beautiful area with views that take your breath away. I spent some time talking to the ocean while I was there. Many questions, many answers. The expansiveness of the ocean reminded me of the expansiveness of our lives. We have the opportunity to connect with others lives and share our magnificence. As we expand so too can we help others to open up, unfold and express themselves from a larger perspective. What is keeping you stuck in your old story? Many times our stories are simply just stories. These stories served us at one time but now they no longer apply to where we are on our life journey. We need to embrace the expansiveness of our own lives and be willing to take the next step in our journey to greatness. Remember that you can create the life that you have envisioned for yourself. Close your eyes. Draw the picture. Create a clear vision. Take the step you don’t want to take. Let’s get started. What you are seeking is seeking you. Begin.

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