The Power of Love

When I was younger, I always wanted to be in love. I remember at the age of 15 thinking that it would be so much fun to date. No one told me that I had to be asked out in order for that to happen. I would read all these romance novels and love just seemed to show up in peoples lives. As I grew older, reality set in and I realized that I had to have a hand in meeting folks that I could or would eventually fall in love with. It always seemed like a struggle And then one day, it wasn’t a struggle anymore. I had the chance to feel love from so many different people through a variety of experiences that my definition of love expanded. What I have come to understand is that love is in all things. Love is available every day from a number of sources. When you smile at someone, you share a piece of love. When you extend your hand to help, you share a piece of love. When you chat with the clerk at the grocery store, you share a piece of love. When you send a card or note of thanks, you share a piece of love. When you call a friend and tell them how much you miss them, you share a piece of love. When you wrap your arms around someone and hug them tight, you share a piece of love. Each day, you have the opportunity to share your love. What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate another minute. What would inspire the resuscitation of your heart and allow you to share your love? Step out today and offer a piece of love to those around you. Today.

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