Hibernation is a Gift

What a winter we have had this year. So much snow! It made me want to hunker down most nights, get my favorite blanket, favorite book and a hot cup of tea and just be. In nature, some animals hibernate for the winter. Squirrels, hummingbirds and grizzly bears hibernate during the winter months to conserve energy and maintain their body weight. Due to harsh weather conditions, these animals have taken steps to protect themselves. By hibernating, these animals can survive any adverse conditions that may come their way. So too, many of us have survived adverse conditions throughout our lives. Humans will shut down at times and hibernate as a form of healing. It is important to focus on the self and do what is necessary to allow for the healing to take place and prepare for the next stage in your life. Find a quiet place to reflect on what your purpose is and your why. Make a list of your gifts and what you can share with the larger whole. Take steps to begin your journey of self discovery. When you are ready, push yourself a little bit outside your comfort zone. Ask for help. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

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